To see my portfolio in one PDF, including more of my process: 

semi-self maintaining garden

Self-directed, project to increase peoples access to freshly grown produce.

I was responsible for all aspects of research, concept development, iterative testing, design for manufacture and prototyping. Research showed that current systems lacked practicality, were high maintenance and novice gardeners would be discouraged by lack of yield, often caused by inexperience in caring for a garden.

The result is a modular, reconfigurable, customisable gardening system that increases yield due to smart watering systems, is low maintenance, requiring care only once weekly and can be easily configured to the users space.

Bike Theft Prevention device

This was a collaborative project with Ewan Alston and Marthe Solberg.

Extensive research and destructive testing lead us to address these key issues.

Users do not want to spend 10% of the value of their bike on a quality lock. Most thefts are opportunistic due to low quality locking and poor securing. High quality locks are heavy and impractical to carry.

The result is a fast, free and secure bike lock that is retrofittable to existing street furniture. A strong chain prevents against opportunistic attacks and all the user needs is a padlock. 

Future transport

This was a project sponsored by Bauhaus Luftfahrt to design transport solutions for 2050. 

I collaboratively researched expansion of megacities and individually developed concepts with an aim to provide a fast, safe and sustainable solution to the problem of interhub and inner city transport. 

The result was a maglev public yet personal transport link to provide a fast, seamless, safe and sustainable transport solution for megacities in the future.


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.45.51.png

Community First Responders

This was a project sponsored by the Scottish Ambulance Service with the aim to improve user experience and incident documentation for first responders.

My role was to work within a team where we analysed the existing system to pinpoint inefficiency and poor user centric design.

Our solution addressed impractical data collection, eliminated reproduction of data and provided a product that would allow first responders to practically document incidents while being unobtrusive to their work.