Project summary

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Container system


Reservoir holds approximately 1 week of water (1"-3" dependent on container size)


Smart valve uses a chemical polymer to control water flow to plant. This ensures a wet and dry cycle to improve yield. 

Valve designed by SmartTech who collaborated with this project.

Flood chamber

Flood chamber connects to root zone of the plants via capillary matting. 

Capillary matting

Roots wick up water from capillary matting present throughout container.

Geotextile membrane

Geotextile membrane allows any excess water to drain through container without loss of growing media.

Reservoir cap and viewing window

Reservoir cap prevents clogging of system by stopping any debris accummulating in reservoir. Viewing window provides user with easy way monitor water system. 


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In collaboration with Smart Tech, Glasgow.

In collaboration with Smart Tech, Glasgow.